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Your journey towards becoming a Certified Business Agility Coach

Learn the skills to succeed as a leader in the VUCA world. Impact your organization by making it more resilient, creative, and human-centric. Learn from the world’s most experienced educators in the business agility space. Embark on your personal dynamic and transformative business agility leadership journey.

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Certified Business Agility Academy trainings are provided by our accredited partner organizations. All trainings can be live-instructor-led or self-paced online. Also, our trainings are offered in various languages and time-zones (relevant for live trainings).

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Our Courses

Get to know all our accredited courses and their learning ojectives:

Award: Business Agility Fundamentals of Business Agility Academy

Business Agility Fundamentals

Learn more about the learning objectives of our Business Agility Fundamentals course. – Download Learning Objectives (PDF, 64 kb)


“True business agility can only be achieved through changing the mindset and habits of every single individual starting with the executives.”

CEO of IT Co

“Become agile or our organization will die… this is the mantra I have been installing in my company after going through Karim’s training.”

COO of Insurance Co

“Covid made it clear, there is no time for complacency. We need to act, we need to learn, we need to innovate.”

SVP of Pharma Co


About us

We – Karim Harbott and Sohrab Salimi – joined forces to create the Business Agility Academy because we both saw the gap in current agile certifications programs to rigorously accredit and certify true business agility knowledge and experience. At the same time, even the most prestigious MBA programs do not cover the content relevant for leaders in today’s VUCA world. 

In order to help individuals (leaders on various levels) drive real organizational change towards true business agility we aim to create a program where the best educators in the space of business agility can connect with the most vivid learners. This program is a space where a community of global leaders can learn from us, other educators, and each other.

Learn more about Karim

Learn more about Karim

Karim is a business agility and innovation coach, entrepreneur, trainer, author, and international keynote speaker. He has over a decade of experience helping organisations with agile transformations. He has worked on some of the most complex anywhere in the world. He is a founding partner of Agile Centre, a global Agile consulting and training firm

His work involves advising organisations on agility at scale, business agility, leadership coaching and culture change.

He has held a number of senior roles in the Agile space including building and leading the development of the ’Scaled Agile’ practice at global strategy consultancy McKinsey & Co. Karim also serves as a non-executive director with the Scrum Alliance, and is the author of the up-coming book The Six Enablers of Business Agility; How to Thrive in an Uncertain World.

Karim is one of only a handful of people globally to hold both the Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainer®, Certified Enterprise Coach® and Certified Agile Leadership Educator status. He is also an ICF Professional Certified Coach®, and Certified Leadership Agility® 360 Coach.

Learn more about Sohrab

Learn more about Sohrab

Sohrab is the Founder & CEO of Scrum Academy in Cologne, Germany. He has taught close to 10.000 students in Scrum and Agile Leadership over the past decade. His work and experience in the agile space have been recognized by the world’s most respected agile certification organizations. He is an accomplished Certified Scrum Trainer® and Approved Certified Agile Leadership® Educator by the Scrum Alliance, where he also served the past 3 years as a member of the Board of Directors.

Sohrab has never been and will never be the typical agilist. His thinking and teaching have been inspired and shaped by his immigrant background, his studies as a medical doctor, his consulting work at Bain & Company, and his experience as a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He is the only Certified Scrum Trainer® with a medical degree and who has been accredited as a Strategyzer Coach by Alexander Osterwalder and his company.

Over the past 15 years, Sohrab has worked with large and small organizations all over the world and in various industries, primarily in Pharma, MedTech, Automotive, IT, Telco, and Financial Services. This enables him to provide a wide range of examples in the work he does with all his clients.

Companies we have worked with

Throughout the past decade Business Agility Academy educators have worked with a long list of companies from various industries and geographies. The common theme has always been how do change as fast as change itself? Our educators have worked with product development teams, middle and senior management, executives and company boards. The focus has always been on applying certain principles to help organizations deal with the challenges of a VUCA world.
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Business Agility Academy aims to identify and accredit the world’s best trainers for business agility and equip them with a curriculum that helps put their clients on a successful learning journey. Our curriculum will cover all elements needed for organizations to achieve true business agility. We start out with the Business Agility Fundamentals and will add additional courses within the next few weeks and months.

As a training organization you need to demonstrate your ability to deliver each of the courses you desire to teach. The evaluation will be initially done be Karim Harbott and Sohrab Salimi – the founders of the Business Agility Academy. If you are interested in becoming a partner reach out to our team at:


Business Agility Academy Ltd.
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